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The Facebook group winners for March

After a short delay, I’m now very pleased to announce the results of this month’s Facebook competitions for both The Watercolour Journals and Exploring Drawing groups. Due to unforeseen circumstances there are three rather than four winners in each group this month.

The winners of The Watercolour Journals Group are Margaret Morgan Watkins, John W Connors and Michele Clamp.

Margaret Morgan

Our first winner is this vibrant landscape by Margaret Morgan Watkins

John W. Connors

This atmospheric water scene is painted by John W Connors

Michele Clamp

The final winner in this group is by Michele Clamp

And the winners of the Exploring Drawing Group competition are Mara Kirby, Eleanor Darling and Ahmed Shokry.

Mara Kirby

An interesting study with great contrast by Mara Kirby

Ahmed Shokry

A stunning portrait by Ahmed Shokry

Eleanor Darling

An unusual subject executed with great technique by Eleanor Darling

Each artist’s work will be featured as the banner art for one week on the respective group’s page.  To enter and be in with a chance of winning this month’s competition simply post your work in the groups on Facebook. Here are the links:

The Watercolour Journals Group

Exploring Drawing Group

If you are now inspired by our winners to improve your drawing skills, why not sign up for my Exploring Drawing course by clicking here.

Below are some links where you can view more work by our featured artists:

Michele Clamp

Margaret Morgan Watkins

Margaret Morgan Watkins Artist

John W Connors 

Has work featured in Mar 2015 edition of PleinAir Magazine

Eleanor Darling

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