Happy Valentine’s Day!


I thought I would take this opportunity to share some kitten love with you. I love cats so much, but the other members of my family are both very allergic to them and so sadly, I have to make do with paper ones, which is not the same at all!

The cat faces are reproductions taken from Victorian decoupage sheets to which I have added my own crazy embellishments.

IMG_20170201_132132061 - Edited (1)


Above is Anatasia and she is a White Russian cat and of course, a princess.

IMG_20170201_132335948 - Edited (1)

These two are Bertie and Sophie and they are inseparable.

IMG_20170201_132451276 - Edited (1)

Above we have Edmund, a perfect little prince who would much rather play than wear his crown!

IMG_20170201_132540201 - Edited

And finally, Anastasia’s little sister, Tatiana, looking very sweet in her pink bow.

The cards above, along with other exciting stuff, are available from my shop. You can view it by using the tab on the menu at the top of this page, clicking on any of the images above or by clicking here.


An original Victorian Valentine.

Finally, in researching the Victorian’s celebration of Valentine’s Day I came across this amazing collection in The Guardian archives – worth a look for the ‘Vinegar Valentines’ alone! Here’s the link: victorian-valentines-day-cards-in-pictures

Best wishes, Erica.

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