Feedback from courses

“I would like to thank you for all your wonderful advice and help with drawing and painting your method of teaching simplified and made sense of everything”.  – SH

Your videos are great, what comes across is a sense that you are really pleased to be teaching us and that sincerity is priceless I think.
– Beck

“Taking an art class is a dream come true for me. Doing it on line makes it so much easier to do for many reasons. The information you are sharing is very clear and very easy to understand. Your love of your work shines through. ”
– MD

I’m really enjoying this course! I think your videos are great – they seem to give enough information and it really helps that you narrate while you draw so it is very clear what you are talking about. 
– Susie

“I always get goosebumps and a warm feeling inside when I see people do things with so much love … Thank you! As this is really inspiring!”
– Elke

I have enjoyed your videos. They are so calming and meditative. The best part is that I watch them and really believe “I can do this!” Very exciting for me. I’ve always envied people who can draw well. I’ve only recently learnt that one can be taught how to draw. 
– Marjorie

“i,  think the videos are great
not only for the information provided but
also because passion is infectious and
yours is definitely a motivation to get
drawing! “
– lara

The course feels very accessible even to non-artists like me, and I particularly like the videos as it makes it personal and friendly as well as informative.  “
– Debbie

“Really get goosebumps every time I see a video made by you, as I really love to see you presenting techniques and creating tutorials for us. So natural, so inspiring …”
– cococita

I love what you are doing. I knew nothing about drawing so it has all been a joy to learn new things. You videos are very good, easy to understand, informational.  “
– Carol

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