Exploring Drawing Enrolment – 8 week on-line course (24 lessons)


I OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhave created Exploring Drawing for both beginners and those with some previous drawing experience who wish to develop their existing skills. We will be covering all the foundation skills and techniques that you need to master in order to draw accurately and expressively.

You will learn essential measuring skills that will allow you to accurately draw from life, create resources that you can use to easily transfer and change the size of images. This course will give you room to experiment and develop your own style of drawing in a supportive environment.

Exploring Drawing will give you room to experiment & develop your skills in a supportive environment. You will receive three lessons  a week (that’s 24 lessons altogether), which include a variety of step-by-step demonstrations, videos, worksheets & presentations – where we look at how artists have used the technique we’ re studying to great effect in their work and get ideas for our own!

*Although the course has an 8 week format, you can work through the modules at your own pace and will have at least 6 months access. You will also be able to view all the lessons immediately you have access to the course private website.

Exploring Drawing – On the course you will learn the following techniques:

TheWatercolourJournalsModule 1

Beginning with pencils, using a knife to sharpen, artist focus + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 2 

Pencil Techniques, creating 3D effects, artist focus + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 3 

Observation techniques, learning to look, continuous drawing + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 4 

Making and using a grid to transfer images, enlarging images + weekend project 


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 5

Drawing and measuring techniques, ellipses, artist focus + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 6 

Charcoal, basic techniques and lifting out, artist focus + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 7 

Perspective, vanishing points and drawing interiors, artist focus + weekend project


TheWatercolourJournalsModule 8

Using Graphite, paper and liquid blenders + weekend project


All participants will be offered the opportunity to exhibit work in my on-line gallery. If you have a question you would like to ask about the course, please contact me by clicking here.

I have enjoyed your videos. They are so calming and meditative. The best part is that I watch them and really believe “I can do this!” Very exciting for me. I’ve always envied people who can draw well. I’ve only recently learnt that one can be taught how to draw. 

Course costs – £97

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  • Price: £ 97.00
    8 Weeks Online Exploring Drawing Course



If you are interested in the course, but not yet ready to enrol, please sign up for my newsletter so that we can keep in touch. The sign-up form is over on the right-hand side. Many thanks, Erica.

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