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Leonardo at Bristol

There are not many displays of under a dozen exhibits that I would drive over 40 miles to see, but I made an exception for the latest exhibition at Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.
On show until 10th June, ‘Ten Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci’ is the main attraction & for good reason.

This exhibition, although light on exhibits, contains examples of all of Leonardo’s major areas of work. He thought of himself as a scientist first & an artist second. Two of the examples are meticulous anatomical drawings,¬†one of arms & the other of bones of the foot.¬†Others include designs for clothing & sculpture.

I loved this drawing of Leda (below) & was fascinated by the techniques used. Leonardo had made an under drawing of black chalk & then a fine drawing of ink was made on top of this. It was amazing to see the marks made by his hand over 500 years ago.

This was my personal favourite, Scenes from the End of the World. Click on the photo to see clouds raining fire & skeletons rising up from the ground- an interesting subject for the leading scientist of the age!

I came away inspired to find out more about Leonardo & become more prolific as an artist!

The drawings are part of the Royal Collection & are being exhibited as a Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

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