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Make a simple sketchbook – Tutorial


Using only folding and cutting, this is possibly the simplest way to make a fantastic sketchbook that slips easily into your pocket. Depending on what you fill it with, it could be the most creative use of a piece of paper ever!




I’d really love to hear how your sketchbook turned out and, more importantly, what you filled it with! So why not share how you got on in the comments below? Many thanks, Erica.


DIY Simple Sketchbook

Flower journal

I have been using the journal that I made to make quick sketches & watercolours. I really love the way the pages are slightly different sizes & their softly torn edges.

I used a Berol water-soluble pen for sketching, this enables me to soften some of the lines later on using a brush & plain water.
The sketch below was also sketched using a water-soluble pen & then watercolour was added.
By the way, the reason the pages are different sizes is because I didn’t fold the paper very accurately – but, I think it gives my journal character!

The first journal

Today, I made my first journal from scratch and was really pleased with the result! Amazing what you can do with simple materials; an A1 sheet of paper, some thread, a craft needle, an implement to press the folds (I used a letter opener).

The paper was folded, the folds then pressed to sharpen the creases and then it was stitched together.

 The outer cover was then given a liberal coat of acrylic gesso. Now I just have to decide what to do with the cover, a blank canvas- literally!

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