The Watercolour Journals Facebook Group Competition

Every month over on The Watercolour Journals Facebook group  there is a competition. All group members are able to enter simply by posting their art work in the group. Four winners are chosen and each has their work featured as the group banner for one week.

The winners of this month’s competition have just been announced and they are: Catherine Aston, Loretta J. Hamilton, Fankaar Nagesh and Shama Amjad.  Many congratulations to them all!
Each artist’s work will be featured as our banner image for one week during July.

The first is this beautiful poppy by Catherine Aston.

Poppy by Catherine Aston
To enter the contest to have your work featured on the banner during August, simply post your work in The Watercolour Journals Facebook group before the end of July. Four works will be chosen and each will be featured for one week each. The next winners will be announced on 1st August. Good luck everyone!

Acrylic painting techniques – glazing

The students in my college evening class have been producing some amazing work this term. Especially so because this is the only the second term and half of them are beginners who have only started since Christmas. We began this semester by exploring some new drawing techniques and have moved on to basic acrylic work.

Our final lessons involved making a monochrome under-painting and then laying down a series of glazes to create beautiful, rich, deep colours. Here are some examples of their work showing the various stages:








With thanks to Sharon, Sara, Jane, Roger and John

We have a wonderful, thriving Facebook group that you can visit by clicking here. We would love for you to join us – beginners through to experts are all very welcome!

Mata Hari and Datura

I’ve been working on the portrait that I was making sketches for a couple of weeks ago; the subject is the exotic dancer Mata Hari. Steady progress is being made, but I have to admit that the going is slow, especially, when using a ball point pen to make such a detailed drawing on A1 paper! I need to smooth the tone transitions in some areas and complete the shading on the left side of the face. As this is the side in the light, hopefully, it won’t take so long as the right.

Erica Lowe, Mata Hari drawingI’ve also been giving some thought to the motifs for the background/border for the piece. As is well known, Mata Hari was executed by firing squad in France 1917 after being found guilty of being a double agent and spying for Germany. Bearing this in mind, I have chosen the plant Datura, representative of “deceitful charms”, which I felt was good match for this alluring and yet duplicitous woman.

Below is a quick watercolour sketch of a Datura flower.

Erica Lowe, loose watercolour,flower painting,Datura painting

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Beginning by drawing the eyes

This is the first sketch for a new portrait I have planned. Sometimes I make a sketch of the whole composition before I begin, but I felt that I just wanted to  begin by trying out the drawing techniques I will use. I’m going to use ball pen & also watercolour in this piece.

Erica Lowe,drawing eyes,ball pen drawing,mata hari,mata hari drawing


I always begin a portrait by drawing the eyes & build the rest of the face around them. For me the eyes are usually the focus of a portrait.


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Sunflowers in January

This is a painting of sunflowers that I have been working on for some time. It’s by far the largest still life watercolour that I’ve ever attempted, measuring 23″x 33″. I also tried to in a new way for me, not planning what I wanted the finished painting to look like, but letting it evolve naturally. Although I didn’t plan it as a whole, I did spend a lot of time waiting for the direction of the next stage to make itself known to me (sorry if this sounds a bit strange!) It was an interesting experiment, but I think I have more work to do on letting go of the control of the process if I want to develop this way of working.

The pictures below show the stages & I hope will give some indication of the size of the work – some also include my feet standing on a chair to take the photos!

IMG_20130927_201344IMG_20130928_011600IMG_20130929_000444IMG_20130929_192128IMG_20130929_222409IMG_20131004_013148IMG_20131203_180625sunflowers and pomegranates,loose watercolour sunflowers,Erica Lowe,loose watercolour flower painting,loose watercolor flower painting,sunflower loose watercolor painting


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Watercolour demonstration at Hobbycraft

I have been demonstrating with watercolour today at my local Hobbycraft store in Cheltenham.

IMG_20131207_124633The photo above is of the demo table set up with a display of my work. I took a mixture of things along, hoping that there would be something to appeal to everyone. My intention was to inspire people to see the versatility that can be achieved with watercolour.


The two sunsets at the front of the photo are the paintings I was working on, along with the iris painting in the centre by the colour chart. Many thanks to all the friendly people who stopped by to say hello!   I’ll post the finished work as soon as it’s completed……..


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