Art Couture Festival, Painswick


Last Sunday was a day of scorching heat under clear blue skies. We got dressed up and headed off to the biennial Art Couture Festival some 8 miles away in the village of Painswick, Gloucestershire. Although the proceedings took place under the Union Jack this was certainly not your typical British village fete. For instance, it is not usual to have people parading around the churchyard wearing only knickers and a liberal coating of body paint!

Below are some photos I thought I would share & a video that nicely captures the atmosphere of the day. I hope you enjoy them!


 ‘Queen Bee’





Dat Brass playing in St Mary’s churchyard, Painswick not Rome despite what his jacket says!




‘The Power of Positive Thinking’




‘One Bad Apple’


View across the normally quiet Painswick valley

To discover more including how to enter the next festival in 2018 click here – Art Couture Festival


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2 thoughts on “Art Couture Festival, Painswick

  1. Southampton Old Lady

    How wonderful! I would have thoroughly enjoyed this – might go in 2018! I like the first one with the bee theme best of all. The bad apple is good and love all those Nordic antelopes. Might have to reblog this.


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