New direction

I’ve taken quite a long time out from posting on here since leaving my job as a college lecturer. I really felt that I needed some space to experiment with different things before deciding which¬†direction I wanted my work to take.



I’ve long been interested in early photographic portraits and have been working on a series that celebrates women that I feel have either not had their contributions fully recognised or else have been somewhat maligned by history. There is so much fascinating material out there that this project could keep me occupied for a very long time!

And then there are the beetles.

This is a project that has grown out of my interest in the natural world. I have long collected dead insects & other natural curiosities and have created my own mini natural history museums in various boxes – complete with cotton-wool & hand-written spidery labels.

cabinet of curiosities, beetles,natural history museum, devil's toenail, ammonite, bees

I have already been producing work on both these themes for a while now and will begin to add updates on here. I also hope to add a shop to enable me to offer work for sale. The on-line Exploring Drawing course will continue to be available for enrolment on this site. Many thanks for your interest and support; it is so very much appreciated.

Very best wishes


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